Anticipated Questions

Is this just another fidget spinner?

Good heavens no. More on this later but for now. No. Just no.

What if I can't do it?

If you have hands you can begin working with the Flop Ball. Even without hands you can experience the thrill of trick flopping. No sight? No problem. Learn to flop through feel. Flop Ball is inclusive of all levels of ability.

Are Flop Balls safe?

Yes. Although our product is produced for tweens, teens, and adults we understand that little kids are going to want to play with them. That's why all our hand sacks are tested to meet US Toy Standard ASTM F963-16 for children as young as 3 years old.

Am I doing it right?


Can I get Flop Balls customized for my team, group, or club?

Yes. We have wholesale pricing and customize Flop Balls with your logo. Visit our Custom Flop Ball page for information.

Are Flop Balls gluten free?


Will a Flop Ball help me learn or improve my juggling?

Absolutely. You will practice tossing and catching and timing. The basic ingredients of juggling. If you already juggle, try replacing a juggling ball with a Flop Ball. It adds a yummy challenge to an otherwise easy trick. Add Flop Balls to your juggling club passing pattern for an added 'holy cow that's hard' variation.

Are you just another soulless company selling me and my family junk on a new fangled fad just to take my money?

Nope. My name is Paul Miller and in 1999 I founded Flow Circus with a mission to promote active learning and play through the juggling arts. In 2007 my partner (and wife) joined me and we have since toured the US with a goal of building connections and shifting mindsets through mindful learning and play. Learn more about our programs and check out our blog at